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Longform music journalism and photography from Australia.



"The Australian Magazine that Had to Happen", broadsheet, MAY 2017

"With blogs beholden to hype-y publicity cycles and increasingly focused on click-driven content, local long-form music criticism – the kind that used to provoke nuanced, exciting conversations in the music community – seemed like it had hit its nadir. Swampland, an Australian music magazine launched last year, wanted to change that."
Shaad D'Souza, Broadsheet

"Swampland issue 01", three thousand, DEC 2017

"Swampland is a passionate ode to Australian music and music culture, in a thoughtful and honest format that (despite being named after a both a Scientist's and a Birthday Party song) actively looks beyond the cannon of white dudes with guitars. There are a few straight up (though thorough and complex) interviews, a couple of photo essays, several pieces on contemporary Australian underground artists and some beautiful retrospectives on forgotten labels and bands. It's these latter pieces that this publication should be the most proud of, like Doug Wallen's perfect ode to Summershine Records, or Kish Lal's talk with Simona Castricum, which gave me onion eyes."
Angela Schilling, Three Thousand.